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The Chill Code™
Discover The Surprising 4-Step Process That Overwhelmed Business Owners Have Turned to for Getting More Done, Stressing Less, and Growing Their Business
(While allowing them to enjoy life and chill out a little bit more)
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In this FREE training you’ll discover:
  • Why meditation, diet and exercise isn't enough for clearing your mind, lowering stress and boosting productivity
  • ​The #1 Time Management MISTAKE that's robbing you of 4 hours and 24 mins of joy a day
  • The 4-step proprietary blueprint process that can triple your monthly productivity in 15-20mins or less.
  • The 1-page assesssment sheet that replaces years of fear, stress, and worry with hope, excitement and a future of satisfaction and fulfillment
  • ​Why the 80/20 productivity rule doesn't work as well as you think and how to fix it  to reach your "someday" goals
About your host
Buihe Madu is an author and the creator of the 24 Hour Blueprint method, a revolutionary lifestyle-driven time management approach.

He has been a featured guest lecturer and presenter of his work at the State University of New York at Buffalo, the University of Illinois at Chicago Business School and the International Council for Open and Distance Learning Education's 2017 World Conference on Online Learning event.

He pulls from the wisdom and lessons learned from over $100M in engineering and urban planning projects along with over 10 years of self actualization coaching. And he now shares his insights with his clients to architect lifestyles filled with a blend of high performance results, greater productivity and lasting happiness.

If you're a business owner, who wants to get more done without doing more and actually enjoy life in the process...then this is for you.
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