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The Invincible Consultant Masterclass
Discover The Simple 10-Account Strategy I Applied to Help My Client Create a $160k Consulting Program with over 100 Clients During the Pandemic
(This can be implemented for you in less than 30 Days!)
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In this FREE training you’ll discover:
  • The case study documents showing EXACTLY how the results were produced by my client
  • ​The #1 tool you can use in your social media profile that attracts the best customers to your offer
  • The 4-step proprietary blueprint process that my client used to reach $160k+ in 5 months 
  • The 1-page worksheet we used to reduce uncertainty, fear, stress, and worry out of the implementation process
  • ​How to charge higher price(s) AND have your clients beg to pay you quickly
About your host
Buihe Madu is an author and the creator of the Invincible Consultant Academy, an online coaching program that empowers coaches, consultants and subject matter experts to create high-profit masterclasses.

He has been a featured guest lecturer and presenter of his work at the SUNY Buffalo, the University of Illinois at Chicago Business School and the International Council for Open and Distance Learning Education's World Conference on Online Learning event.

If you're a Coach, Consultant or Subject Matter Expert, who wants to get more revenue right out of the gate and blow past your competition in the process...then this is for you.
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