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The Invincible Consultant Masterclass
Discover The Simple Strategy Tech-Overwhelmed Experts Are Using to Stress Less and Earn More Revenue per Client
(This can start being implemented within hours!)
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In this FREE training you’ll discover:
  • How to implement the same low-tech strategy used to produce a $250k revenue coaching program in any economy
  • ​The secret tool you can use in your social media profile to irresistably attract your ideal customers to your products, services and offers
  • The 4-step proprietary blueprint process that you can use to convert 100s of coaching clients within months
  • The 1-page worksheet that can be used to reduce uncertainty, fear, stress, and worry out of "The Tech" side of your entire business
  • ​How to easily charge higher fees AND have clients pursue you to pay them.
About your host
Buihe Madu has recently been featured on NBC, FOX and CBS News and is also an author, content creator and digital marketing specialist empowering enlightened coaches, consultants and subject matter experts to create high-profit practices without the tech stress.

His work has had a local and global impact and has been published noteable publications and online media platforms including the Chicago Trubine, iHeart Radio and podcast episodes which are available on iTunes, Google Podcast as well as Spotify.  

If you're a Coach, Consultant or Subject Matter Expert, who wants to get more revenue right out of the gate and not be stressed by "The Tech" in the process...this masterclass is for you.
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