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Eliminate Wardrobe Performance Anxiety
On average... women spend 16 minutes every weekday morning deciding what to wear and around 14 minutes on a Saturday or Sunday morning. ... If you're on your way out on a Friday or Saturday night, you can increase the above figure to 20 minutes. That's 94 HOURS spent DECIDING.  Not including trying on and taking off.

For men, they spend approximately 13 minutes each day picking through their wardrobe. That adds up to 54 HOURS!!! --  The equivalent of a 2-week vacation worth of your time!

With our Style the Legend Method, you'll never lose precious time trying to figure out what to wear again or how to show up and be taken seriously.   Because when every second counts, you don't have time to worry about what matches and what doesn't.  We've got your back and wardrobe - making sure you look your best, anywhere, anytime, any moment - on your schedule.
How Can Our Style-The-Legend Approach Take Your Closet From Stressed To Best?
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What Are You Waiting For?
How many more days of "What should I wear?" and "Do I look okay?" wardrobe anxiety can you put up with?  Space is limited.  So, secure your opportunity to be styled and empowered to turn heads of haters and admirers like the legend you are.

Where Are Clients Have Been Seen:

The Grammy's

About Buihe Madu

​Engineer-Entrepreneur Buihe Madu (also known as The Image Architect) has applied his engineering experience to image consulting, productivity and execution blueprint approach to empower 1000's of professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners to look feel, feel and execute at their legendary best ...

After a decade in the luxury retail world, he's discovered the "Style the Legend" formula the helps him bring the best out of those who've been stressed out by poor wardrobe options.

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