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Buihe Madu

Author | The Image Architect
Dear Stressed & Anxious ...

Even with the brunt of the pandemic behind us...

It's still bad out there...

...and that's why I want to share with you a little bit more about my story and why I'm here. 

Now that you're on your way outta the toxic Daily Grind Matrix aka the daily dramasphere, and are about to change your entire life...please take a second to hear me out.

If you’re like I was 10 years ago, you're struggling and or drowning in some form of despair, anxiety, chaos or uncertainty right now.

You're tired of living multiple lives - one for performing on the job and one for your friends or family and another one for social media.

You’re tired of imagining what life could be like...

And you want to know what life is like on the "other side" of the madness.

So stick around. 

You're in for a treat.
Who Am I? And Why Should You Listen to Me?
My name is Buihe Madu, and I’m a visionary who has coached 1000's on how to use blueprints to make their dreams come true.

In plain English, I know how to pivot easily from one crisis situation to the next - no matter how toxic and crazy things get out there.  

My model for designing, building and living a better life has been seen by millions of Americans on TV 📺 NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC & theLIST national News Magazine.

But it wasn’t always like this, though.

In 2010, during the last big economic crisis, I was laid off from a 2 great jobs that paid my bills and supported me and my family of four.

And by February 2011, I was about to end my life. There was a lot going on then that I considered to be hopeless.

After an argument with my wife, I was fed up.  

I was exhausted.

I kissed my kids goodbye.

And I left our luxury apartment during a blizzard...

And I walked what seemed like miles to find a place to do the unthinkable...

For next 3 days, I secluded myself. No food. No water. No contact with the outside world. No one knew where I was.

And so, in a lonely hotel, I thought about what purpose did I have on earth and why I felt utterly worthless.

My marriage wasn’t working.

My work wasn’t working.

My entire life wasn’t working.

I felt like a complete failure and was spiraling out of control. 

And no one knew how badly things were coming apart. 

To some extent, I didn't even know - until I decided I was going to leave the house that night and end my life. :( 
I wanted to die.
The truth is...

When I left my family that blizzardry night - I went to a bridge looking to jump off…

I looked down and saw the water wasn't deep enough to kill me. There's a good chance that if the water had been deep enough, I would have jumped.

But that didn't happen.

Thank God. It bought me enough time to ask myself, "What do you really want, Buihe?"

In that moment, I had a revelation: If I don't die on this bridge, the version of me that took me there HAS to die.

And so I took myself to a hotel.

While there, I realized that the life I wanted to live moving forward had to be based on acceptance, generosity of spirit to others, and LOVE. Love was most important.

This was the Good Life - and that's all I wanted. A good. Freaking. Life.

*  I decided I’d agree and end a 5-year marriage.
*  I chose to show up every day with courage, tenacity, and boldness.
*  And I committed to share what got me through this with others - without it being yet another ego 

And all of that was the catalyst for everything you see today.

Today, I do lifestyle-centered TV segments...and I consult others on how to create meaningful lives.

I help men (and women) look their legendary best in everyday and work life.

I have traveled the country, lecturing at Universities, speaking at Symposiums and Commencements…

...and I even wrote two books!

I’m a far cry from where I was that night on the bridge.

And I owe it all to what I’m about to share with you, today. 

But before you see it...this is what people say about me and my body of work since I've started this journey.
What's Been Said...
After using the 24 Hour Blueprint approach, I saw the root of the ineffectiveness I had experienced (in my life) clearly. It was in managing myself and my life. I already knew that for several years and I thought the components I was using were useful and worked as well. But ... they weren't enough to sustain my life successfully and deliver the satisfaction I'd been seeking. (From the 24 Hour Blueprint ...) I saw what was missing and added in keys that empowered what I already had and found new action(s) that took me to a newfound effectiveness.

Jonathan S.

It opened my eyes to the definition of what “scheduling” my life actually meant…
The concept is so simple that anyone can do it.

Brock G.

Fitness & Clothing Model
We Are Living Through Global Crisis.
Think about it.

A Pandemic put 30 million Americans on unemployment, is evicting hundreds of thousands of families and sending millions to food pantries.

Let’s not even talk about the 80,000 business closures.

And if you don’t think you fit into these’re still vulnerable to the impact of what’s happening in the economy.

😢 Prices on most things are going up.

😢 The Government doesn’t want people using cash anymore

😢 It’s getting harder to get financially free because the rules seem to change every day.

😢 And life is just generally chaotic and uncertain.

Isn’t it?

Again...think about it.

Virtual connections have become a mental health lifeline for most of us, millions of people have lost family, friends and loved ones to the virus.

And some haven't been able to say goodbye to loved ones in person

It’s been rough. And it’s only going to get worse the older you get...

But here’s the truth.
If you’ve ever struggled trying to find
the right answers to...
😢 How do I consistently feed my family even if I lose my job or clients?

😢 How do I think clearly through the noise of all the misinformation and madness diguised as news?

😢 How do I stop being stressed and anxious with so much uncertainty in the world?

😢 How do I become someone people can count on in a crisis?

😢 How do I get to a place where I finally feel 100% in control of my life?

Well...I know I can help you. 

I can show you how to answer those questions AND actually do something about them...

See...I discovered a secret.

And the secret is this: The real difference between the people who are happy and financially secure versus the average person filled with fear, stress, and all kinds of drama has little to do with how much money they have.
👉🏼 Creating a life where you consistently get everything done that you intend to get done...

👉🏼 Not getting overwhelmed by WHAT is going on in the world…

👉🏼 Creating favorable circumstances for yourself - on purpose!

👉🏼 Being secure with who you are - even when you don’t have it all figured out…

👉🏼 Looking forward to the holidays instead of running from relatives…

👉🏼 No longer feeling like you have to rush or skip meals because of the grind…

👉🏼 Finally gaining the respect and trust of your peers…

👉🏼 Being able to stay calm no matter how chaotic things seem...

👉🏼 No longer feeling pulled in multiple directions because you feel stable inside YOURSELF.

👉🏼 Creating relationships that bring you joy and life instead of draining all your energy…

👉🏼 Being able to watch the daily drama from the outside instead of ever getting triggered and pulled into it…

👉🏼 Feeling in control of the direction your life is going and being able to plan for more growth in the future…

👉🏼 Being fearless about the unknowns of the future…

👉🏼 Having a greater, more-intentional impact on the world...

👉🏼 Feeling secure regardless of what’s in your bank account - because you understand the flow of money and resources into and out of your life...

All of this is possible...and it has EVERYTHING to do with having an impenetrable lifestate in place...

In case you don't know what that is...

...that is when you have the ability to see things for what they are and not be triggered into crazy behavior which results in your own, personal Sh*t Show.

It also helps you not get looped into other peoples' drama - because the drama is real out in these streets.

You deserve a reliable template that allows you to consistently live the life you want - on purpose. 

THIS is what it takes to have an impenetrable lifestate.

And, there’s a proven system for it! What you need are...
Lifestyle Design Systems...

See...there are 4 KEYS to
personal power- for everyone!

Key #1: Assess - You’ve got to be able to look at the reality of your life and quickly see where things are falling apart.

Key #2: Address - You’ve got to begin fixing what’s broken.

Key #3: Access - Once you do the first 2 Keys, a different way of living will open up to you automatically and show up in your daily calendar

Key #4: Accelerate -  With greater clarity, increased focus will speed up all your results
All these things happen naturally when you learn how to...
1. Manage your life...

2. Track what you're already doing well, and...

3. Make adjustments that transform your circumstances - on purpose.

You may not know this, but these 4 keys work for everyone and produce the same results - every time!


Unfortunately, if you don’t know how to set these things up the right way, you won’t attract or keep your best life for very long.
And that’s why I’m here.
See...I discovered that the ONE thing that can change everything is how you approach your life tasks daily.

If you don’t know how to…

🛑 Create & maintain a superior lifestate...

🛑 Monitor & track your daily behaviors, AND

🛑  Assess & transform your circumstances (on purpose!)…’ll always feel insecure about your ability to thrive in any economy or crisis.

Let me show you what I mean.
I had a client come to me right at the start of the Pandemic. He was a financial coach, and he could see the writing on the wall during the pandemic.

People were going to be home for a long time. 

Some would lose their jobs and be scrambling for financial security.

And he knew people needed financial literacy more than ever.

In his first 4 days working with me, he went from zero earnings in a brand new business to $5,000.

One month later, he’d done over $20,000 and he was SO pleased. I was PUMPED for him...because he took action with what I told him.

Now...what you need to know is that I used the principles in my flagship training to help him create his sales funnel and so he could get profitable in the least amount of time…

...and you see what happened. Look at the image below.

As you apply the same principles, you’ll happily welcome yourself to your new life - designed on purpose! 

Because this could easily be YOUR story, too!

How it started in First Quarter 2020

How it's Been Going...(Revenue) In the Fall...

2020 Customers During the Fall...

How it's Going Now

Since Fall 2020, Revenue Pretty Much Doubled...

And So Had 821 New Customers!

*Update: As of Oct. 2022, 1000+ students have become customers and almost $1 Million has been generated by this client's one course alone from a business he started during the
biggest global crisis we’ve seen during our lifetimes!

Please note: The charts above do not include other fees collected from other payment systems.

Also note: These results don't guarantee that you'll have the same outcomes. But if you follow the blueprint model these results can possibly be yours too.

Don't You Want to Leave 
The Joy-Sucking Daily Grind Behind for Good??’ve just seen an example of what can happen when you escape the toxic grind aka "The Matrix"…

...and please know these kinds of things were happening WELL before we ever heard of a pandemic. 

Life has always been a little chaotic...

...but it's at an all-time high, now.

But when you escape The Daily Grind Matrix...

...when you stop being triggered by little things you perceive as negative and move forward with courage…

...when you decide you are WORTHY of a beautiful life.

It’s not that problems won’t come. 

It’s that, when they DO come, they won’t knock you over because you’ll have the tools to stay on track and create even more.

Your impenetrable lifestate will be SOLID. And people will wonder how you’re not affected by everything that’s happening in the world.’s only getting WORSE from here. 

(And you should know this isn’t just some, simple, physical solution.)

It’s actually VERY spiritual to be able to take care of yourself in every area of life.

Can you see it in your mind’s eye??

Your own, personal success??

Can you imagine how it feels to wake up every day without any, deep, stressful, concerns on your mind first thing in the morning??

Well...imagine a system like this applied IN YOUR LIFE to help you create the reality you desire the most!

The sky is literally the limit for you.

So...I have to ask you...

What Kind Of Future Do
You Have Right Now??

If that question put FEAR in your heart, good! (You're not alone)

You may be here, now. 

Life is difficult, you’re indecisive, stressed, broke, and freaked out by all that’s happening in the world.

Life is just...BAD. (You might even cry often and nobody knows.)


Things are up and down

Sometimes it’s good. 

Sometimes it’s bad...but life is never consistent.

Sometimes you’re emotional and sometimes you’re in control of your emotional state.

Sometimes you’re making money and sometimes you’re struggling.

Does that sound familiar?


Life is great and ... 

You’re decisive and get the help you need when you need it. 

You don’t let things spiral out of control. If this is you already, GET OFF THIS PAGE! You're good...

But if you'd like to get to this level, you'll need a blueprint and a great coach.
I have to ask...which FUTURE do you want??

Which one do you think you deserve??

I ask because I want to give you the opportunity to join me in...
Using The 24 Hour Blueprint
Your Guaranteed Solution To Escaping the
Joy-Sucking Daily Grind and Reclaiming The Emotional & Financial Stability You've Been Needing...

Here's what in your blueprint...

  • A 24-7 Easy Access to Online Virtual Coaching Course - Our online platform has everything you'll need to put the 24 Hour Blueprint into practice in your daily life.

    It literally only takes 24 hours to start seeing changes.
  • 24 Hour Blueprint Playbook - It's 38 pages of GOLD. Read and Watch Videos inside a digital PDF Playbook and discover how to use the 24 Hour Blueprint to improve EVERY area of your life.
  • Facebook Community and Tribe - Look...there's nothing better than being surrounded by "your people." In this digital family, you'll get support, make friends, and maybe even find a soulmate if you're single (I've seen it happen)...
  • BONUS: The Wall of Intentions Planning System - No more wondering what's happening in your life during the year. Plan as far ahead as you want and stay on top of EVERYTHING with ease. 
For those who need more hands-on help, I'll be supporting a tribe of people who will be intentionally using the 24 Hour Blueprint and for 30 days to build a lifestyle they don’t have to escape from.

And there's no need to become a minimalist or have any kind of extreme lifestyle to do this.

You just get to enjoy your life - for the rest of your life!

Here's More Testimonials...

This (24 Hour Blueprint) is the ideal tool for leaders who want to go from 0 to 60 in their career.
Tom S. | Director of Information Technology, ACT I

Tom S.

Director of Information Technology, ACT I
Authors, entrepreneurs and students (can) radically benefit from using the program’s 5 Kingdom approach to lifestyle management.

Clarence G.

Clarence G. | Director of Student Services, Dulles University
“I can honestly say that after 20+ years in corporate America I have yet to come across a more effective personal and business coach than Buihe Madu. To put it in context, I left the personal coach I was working with to have the opportunity to work with Buihe. This happened after just a 20 minute conversation with him. I was that impressed. To put it into further context the coach I left works for a major international organization and has had politicians and CEO's as his clients. Impressive credentials yes, but nowhere near as effective as Buihe. Not even close.”

Steve J.

How great would it be to wake up tomorrow and realize that you’re creating the life you’ve always imagined (and no one can stop you)?

Well...that’s the opportunity being presented to you, right now.

You don’t need 21 days to create new habits. The change actually starts the moment you decide things are going to be different.

Things are going to be better. NOW.

I will show you how to get more done with less stress and to make more money, and...

...The 24 Hour Blueprint
will be your guide.
Here's what you get...
When you get your blueprint today...

Here’s what also comes with it:

For 30 days, you get ME...

Gently kicking your butt and reminding you of your innate greatness.

You have no idea how many people come to me, saying the first 24 hours are remarkable. And they feel like their entire lives are finally in control.

Many find that, by the end of the first day, they can’t live without their Blueprint.

If you want to QUICKLY start getting results in your life, use the Blueprint. 

You’ll be grateful you took a chance on yourself.

If you're sick of the daily grind, click the button below to get your blueprint now.

I can’t wait to see you inside the new training portal!
With the 24 Hour Blueprint...
You Have No Worries. The Product Comes With A
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
30 Day Money Back. Not happy with the product?  We have a no questions asked and no hassle refund policy - But we also require you do the exercises requested of you.
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